Poney Magique

Coin coin !

The giant fish, got out of the earth, crawling on earth, for the city invades. Defying the sun, made the sea on earth, falling. Ground disappear, as roads and trees, we should search for an ark. Or is it ? Swallowed by the fish-building. 

#vsco #vscocam #vscolovers #liege #shadows #urban
Here live the arts,
Sliding on walls,
Like autumn leaves on a lake.

Walking by every workdays, leaving the bus, watching it. Smiling. Untouched, evolving anyway. Near a basketball park. People smiling, walking by, gently. Like if time had a different taste.  

 #vsco #vscocam #vscolovers #wallart #street


mind’s wandering, between two seas, and numerous worlds, numerous words. bitterness and anger, joy and hopes, brutalism and rococo. mixed up, results of choosing not to. about time, cut the rope, grab some others, wandering still, but in chosen directions and worlds.  when all seems so limited and vast in the same time, when you feel so free and so constrained in the same time. not by others, but your own self. shapes appearing, moving, new dynamics growing.

picking up. learning to Hate. figuring that as we’re in perpetual unbalanced states, both are equally important. 

wheels turning, situations are changing. realising I’ve been closed since so long. breaking point’s can be seen, life’s going to be slightly modified. projects. choices. this time maybe.

Take a world, throw arrows on it. Act on randomness, let’s be surprised.



Water Tower, University College Dublin, 1979


Water Tower, University College Dublin, 1979

People passing by,
Cars & motorcycles too. 
Underneath the heavy sun,
Burning pavement,

#vsco #vscocam #shadows #city #urban