Poney Magique

Coin coin !

People passing by,
Cars & motorcycles too. 
Underneath the heavy sun,
Burning pavement,

#vsco #vscocam #shadows #city #urban
Stripes. Stripes everywhere. Haunting. Slipping. Sliding. Invading. Negative spaces, ordered. 

It’s always that way. You feel them growing, living. Getting thinner, thicker, cutting it all. Separating, structuring, exploding the illusion of unity. Sharp. Cold. Deadly. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlej….

#vsco #vscocam #liege #calatrava #station #belgium #belgique #shadows
Times, those ones when you’re happy to be back. Leaving behinds those threats, looking down at you, poor little mortal, running in circles. When rain start pouring on you like fake tears. You’re leaving it, full of glass, steel and concrete, and she’s angry. That she failed. To trap you in for the next decade. And she’s hungry. Always. 

All was turning gray, greenish too. Those fading colors, dimmed, muted. Only the sound of the winds through the headphone, the feeling of the drops falling on the face, beneath the hat. People passing by, urban bloodstream, flows. Time has come, trees are calling back. Raw. 

 #vsco #vscocam #liege #city #blackwhite
Footsteps echoing like drops on a lake, remains of the rain slowly disappearing, erasing the sky, revealing the stones, again. All was back in place. Fresh winds sliding, moving figures, air and stones. Mixed. For the time passing by there was nothing left but blurry traces on the ground, remains. Like hopes sucked up, the sky, and the clouds finally got swallowed into the depth. The breeze stop, the wind rise. It smell the new rain. It’s coming. Again. 

 #vsco #vscocam #sky #reflect #station #afterrain
Perception is fake, wanders of the brain. The small become big, the big become huge, the huge become the universe, the universe become nothing. Head up, head turned, all change. Dynamic, shapes, light. New is born. And reborn again. Frame it, it lives. In everyone’s mind. Multiverses begin. 

#vsco #vscocam #architecture #calatrava #urban #station #blackwhite #shadows
And be the sky,
Open its guts,
Down on the ground.

Like a view, an opening on the inners. Deep within, the sky, inverted works, inside out. Looking at the sky through the ground. As if the world was really flat. And all elevations were simple optic illusion. On a paper-sheet universe. 

  #vsco #vscocam #skyporn #reflect